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Brave & Notable Pioneer

This interactive theatrical presentation reveals the story of the Overlanders of 1862, as Christine Pilgrim re-enacts the life of Catherine Schubert.

That life-story covers Catherine's Irish childhood during the potato famine, her voyage to the New World aboard a "coffin ship" as a teenager, and her grueling experiences as the only woman among 150 prospectors on a journey overland from Fort Garry Manitoba to Fort Kamloops British Columbia.

Catherine crossed the prairies and Rocky Mountains with her husband and three young children. She gave birth to her fourth child, the first European born in the B.C. Interior, on their arrival in Fort Kamloops. The story of that journey forms the backbone of both the shorter and longer presentations available.

A staunch advocate for education, this stalwart pioneer later built a school on the family farm in the Okanagan, installing her son-in-law as its first teacher.

Memorials, streets and statues honouring Catherine Schubert's contribution to history can be found in her hometown in Northern Ireland and throughout BC.

All ages enjoy this interactive, lively, witty, enlightening show, filled with hands-on opportunities using props and artifacts. It can be adapted to suit all venues and running times, from 30 to 90 minutes.

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