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War Songs and Stories -
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Although World War I (1914-1918) was originally dubbed "The War to End all Wars" conflict continues throughout the world today.

The show WE'LL MEET AGAIN features stories, poems, jokes and songs, as well as letters from combatants to local families (and some in return), during two world wars. It also discusses the effects of post traumatic stress on modern Canadian service men and women returning from tours of duty in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan. It can run from 20 to 90 minutes and can be adapted to any space and age range.

The song WE'LL MEET AGAIN is included in the show. It was originally sung by Vera Lynn to lift the spirits of military servicemen in World War II. Women could not fight in the front lines back then. This song was also written for those women as they watched and waited for their loved ones' safe return.

Interactive songs, poems and jokes are interspersed between several poignant learning outcomes, so the show licks along at a pace that keeps students, teachers and the general public engaged throughout.

Christine Pilgrim is a well-respected facilitator of improvisational workshops that address conflict in the playground and workplace. She is comfortable working with all ages and is an accomplished entertainer/educator with a pedigree going back to her training in Method Acting. She has worked in theatre, TV and film, both as an actor and stand-up comic.


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